Completed: Down the Rabbit Hole

wire wrapped pendant multi-stone

This multi-stone piece features fluorite, amethyst, mushroom bead, and electroplated quartz.

This week I want to share one of my favorite pieces I’ve made.

I had a lot of fun combining different stones and beads to create this pendant.

For this piece, I wrapped each stone separately. Then, I combined the individual wraps together one by one. Once all of the pieces were together, I added some detail work to make the pendant look more unified.

wire wrapped multi stone pendant

A close up of the bottom half of the pendant.

My favorite part about this piece, aside from the combination of colors in the different stones, is the large spiral in the middle. I feel like adding that spiral in the middle helped to unify all four different stones into one cohesive piece. Its almost like the spiral spins them all together.

With some pieces, I like to stick to using generally the same techniques throughout the piece. That way I get similar texture all over the piece. With this one, I went for different techniques and textures all over. I like the effect it created. It feels a little like Alice in Wonderland to me.

Artist- Sarah Orlik

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