Completed: Fluorite and Pearls

Fluorite chunk with mother of pearl

Fluorite chunk with mother of pearl

This is an earlier piece that I’ve made.

I like the way I’ve combined the different stones.

When I was making this piece, I could really envision how the mother of pearl would fit in the curve of the fluorite chunk. I remember it being really fun to bring that vision to life.

wire wrapped pendant fluorite peals

The detail work was simple on this piece to let the stones speak for themselves.

I used copper wire that was coated with silver. Over time, the silver coating has begun to wear off. The effect is an antique tarnished wire look.

I think the overall style of the pendant has a beachy vibe to it and the distressed looked of the wire adds to that.

wire wrapped pendant fluorite peals

The back shows a simple bail for the necklace to hang from.

From the front of the pendant, the bail- where the necklace hangs from- looks pretty small and obscured. In the photo of the back you can see how the simple bail is set down into the necklace.

I like the simple and elegant style of this pendant.

Artist- Sarah Orlik

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