Completed: Green Glass with Labradorite

Wire Wrapped Glass with Gems

I wrapped this hand made glass piece with labradorite and orange kyanite.

I created this piece while at a music festival. I like to bring my supplies with me when I travel so that I can have the ability to create if inspiration strikes.

Oftentimes I am working on my art alone in my studio, and I actually do enjoy working around community. It was fun to take a few moments at my camp or out in the grass near a stage to work on this piece. I was able to complete it during the festival.

Wire wrapped glass pendant

A close up of the detail work.

This pendant will serve as a reminder of the experience I had during that festival. I like to think that whoever ends up owning and wearing it will enjoy some of the experiences from the festival that I encorporated into the design.

Artist- Sarah Orlik

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