All Aboard, Santa Cruz!

Hop on for a ride to the 1970’s and 1900’s, from the forests of Felton, down to the Boardwalk.

Roaring Camp, Felton, 09/28/1970

Oakland, Calif.

28 SEP

Roaring Camp, Felton, 09/28/1970

Roaring Camp. Felton California. This unique railroad and station are located near Felton on Graham Hill Road. There is a treat for young and old to ride this historic train through the virgin timber.

Word just – in ???

Dear Nina: So poor Dorothea had undergone another serious hip operation. I know she appre-ciated your call as did all the ??? Yes and the woods and “Abbie.” Yes, ??? Katherine still has a way to go but is as cheerful and hopeful. Love, Alice

Mrs. Nina E. Hooker
Spring Lakes Park #60
225 Mount Hermon Rd.
Santa Cruz, Cailf.

Bay Shore Limited, Santa Cruz, Cal.

Bay Shore Limited, Santa Cruz, Cal.

Santa Cruz, Calif.

3:30 PM

Bay Shore Limited, Santa Cruz, Cal.

Mailed a letter to you yesterday.

Santa Cruz Sept 21st 09.
Yours to hand this A/M, with M.O. all OK. Hope this finds you all right and fully recovered. I was in hopes you would escape being over come by the heat, but have been expecting it all along. It will soon be cooler up that way. Wish you could nip some of our fog with the hot weather up there. All well here – Love to you from both. Yours truly, C.M.G.

Mr A. D. Godfrey.
Live Oak.
Sutter Co

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