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Ame (rain)

“Ame” – Rain

“Ame” The Japanese word for Rain. This piece was painted in 2013 at the beginning of the drought. I was experimenting with a flow technique blending light viscosity airbrush paint with heavy acrylic latex. Sometimes just letting the paint do it’s thing offers a wonderful effect. This piece resides at the Gere Estate at Lake Tahoe.

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Winter 40x30


“Winter” Acrylic on canvas 40″x30″ This piece is displayed at the Chi Center 1119 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, California See more works at Acrylic Meditations

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Consideration 24x36

Abstract Meditation: “Consideration”

Each painting I work on has a focus or intent. This one is the idea of “consideration.” The word itself has several meanings but the on particular consideration is: Continuous and careful thought, a taking into account, thoughtful and sympathetic regard, an opinion obtained by reflection. This piece is 24″ x 36″ and resides in a […]

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