“I would like to stay over night with you but I can’t possibly”

This Post Card was sent from Boulder Creek to Santa Cruz 109 years ago this month.
December 16th, 1907
The simple message “Sorry I can’t stay the night, I have to catch a train.” Something that we we would easily send off in a text message today, took planning, shopping, a stamp and a trip to the post office 100 years ago.

This postcard, more than any other I have found, really feels like a text message from the past.

12 M

Boulder Creek Falls Post Card

Boulder Creek Falls Post Card Back, Sent Dec 16, 1907

Published by “The Santa Cruz Mountain Echo”
Boulder Creek, Cal.

I would like to stay over
night with you but I
can’t possibly. I have an
engagement for Friday Eve +
I am going Saturday. I will
go down from here on the early
[front of postcard]
train (6:45) Sat. and I
don’t know when my train
for the South leaves.
Love from C

Miss Lizzie Hollingsworth,
22 Kennan St.
Santa Cruz.

12 DEC 1872 / 2 NOV 1875
17 DEC, 1877 –

DEC 16
1 – PM

Boulder Creek Falls

Boulder Creek Falls Post Card Front, Sent Dec 16, 1907

Falls Near Boulder Creek

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