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Fiery Feather Earrings

Completed: Fiery Feather Earrings

I’m excited to share this pair of feather earrings made using one of my favorite stones: fire agate. Similar in quality to opals, another one of my favorites, fire agate has a glowing quality when light hits it. The fiery glowing parts of the stone vary in color and quality within the same stone. It […]

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feather earrings wire wrapped

Taking Chances, New Styles

Yesterday I talked about taking a new approach to how I start my pieces. I like to step outside of my comfort zone in order to help myself grow as an artist. This project definitely helped me do that. I don’t usually make earrings. They are tricky to make because I need to duplicate everything […]

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feather earrings

A Fine Feather: Earrings in Progress

Lately I’ve been noticing that feather accessories are everywhere! I see long feathers being worn as hair attachments and dangling from earrings. I love the added color and texture that feathers bring to jewelry, and they have the benefit of not contributing a whole lot of extra weight to a piece. Of course, I decided […]

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