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Beneath Language

Beneath Language

Artist Lauren Ringelman shares about her work:                            “I love recycled art, it makes me feel like a mad scientist. Anything can be art; everything is art.

One of the best compliments I’ve ever been given was from a friend who said “Lauren can make anything out of nothing” (“anything” meaning art, and “nothing” meaning trash, or whatever else happened to be available at the time.) True to those words, I’m not picky about my materials; I enjoy finding the artistic potential in whatever is at hand, and let the materials inspire the art. I especially like incorporating recycled text from old books or packaging into my work, and often mix in more traditional media like paint or ink as well.”

“I’m inspired by the feeling of discovery when I find some discarded object that has the potential to be given new life, and transformed into something beautiful. For me, the finished pieces are a visual representation of those small moments of beauty or strangeness that make life magical and wonderful.”

Lauren’s connection to Santa Cruz:
“I’ve lived in the Santa Cruz area, mostly the Santa Cruz Mountains, off and on for the last 14 years. I love the ocean and the redwoods, and feel very lucky to have spent so much time in such a beautiful place.”



The featured images are from a series entitled: “Artifacts of Everyday Life”.

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