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Santa Cruz Strolls: Self Love

I hear a lot of talk going around lately about the idea of “self love.” People are usually referring to the acceptance of one’s bodies, and therefore their own physical flaws. Though I’ve been slightly perplexed about exactly what that means, I know that it goes deeper than that, and must include forgiveness for mistakes […]

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Laurel & Felix

Photo: Simpler Things

  My favorite time of day is right before dusk, when the sun lets everything be golden for a moment. It’s like a spotlight on the entire world–tiny green leaves with white juices inside (when I was a kid, I used to think it was glue) shine like the rims of an old Volvo, like […]

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Myrtle Street

Santa Cruz Strolls

  This is a photo from my series, Disposables, taken on Myrtle Street. The Disposables series (titled after the type of camera used) works to evoke simple gratification from its viewers, allowing them to appreciate common beauty in their own surroundings, as if they were tourists just now learning the everpresent and free luxuries that […]

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Orange Flower

Local Comparisons

      The Local Comparisons series is a mixed media project featuring two months worth of various pressed flowers picked from Santa Cruz sidewalks, paired with buildings and homes that are near them. This photo series explores exterior combinations which are already related to each other, and uses separate perspectives of time and space in order to recombine the images into even more branches […]

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