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Laurel & Felix

Laurel & Felix


My favorite time of day is right before dusk, when the sun lets everything be golden for a moment. It’s like a spotlight on the entire world–tiny green leaves with white juices inside (when I was a kid, I used to think it was glue) shine like the rims of an old Volvo, like a wet plastic straw in a friend’s paper cup, like cheap favorite rings that were lost and then found (and probably lost again). All the little things that didn’t give speeches to you in the daytime are singing in this kind of light. This is everyone’s time of day. This the time of day to be satisfied, or proud, or relieved about the day; it can’t be a loss. It might be true that nothing gold can stay, but it always comes back, and it’s worth it to go outside.

Artist- Julianna Chavez

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