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Lisa Marie Mariel - "Santa Cruz Sunset Wave"

Lisa Marie Mariel: Featured Artist

Get to know artist Lisa Marie Mariel’s and her “Heart Cards and Keepsake Cards” series: “Art has always been an important way for me to experience, express, and explore my relationship with the world. Observing nature has been and is still my primary inspiration, the shapes and patterns ‘growing’ organically on the page or the […]

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Ernest Amos-Jackson : Featured Artist

Feel the rhythm in Ernest Amos-Jackson’s energetic’s creations: “I create artwork with a unique, dynamic style and passion. I am compelled and find it necessary to express movement and action, influenced in part by watching cartoons and animated movies. My finished works should appear to be dancing.” “I was born here, at Dominican Hospital and […]

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The Santa Cruz Watercolor Society at the R. Blitzer Gallery.

Santa Cruz Watercolor Society at the R. Blitzer Gallery

For every form of art, there is a dedicated community of locals banding together to teach, share, and support it. The Santa Cruz Watercolor Society is one such group offering personal and professional opportunities in plein air watercolor and creative critique since the early 1960s. Watercolor paintings from the Society’s current collective of artists are […]

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