Inspirationand First Steps: Gem Silica Pendant


wire wrapped pendant progress inspiration

The larger stone is gem silica and the smaller stone is an opal.

This week I am starting on a new pendant for myself!

I’m excited about this project. I’ve been waiting for a while to have the opportunity to create something with this beautiful gem silica stone. I bought the stone from someone that I follow on instagram, who cuts stones and sets them into jewelry. I feel more connected to the stone, knowing the person that cut it.

wire wrapped pendant progress inspiration

I’ve started drawing out the shape that I’m going to be working with.

I know that I want to create this piece with solid silver wire. I think the silver will bring out the blues in the gem silica stone.

I plan to work with and emphasize the teardrop shape of the gem silica and create a point around the opal.

I will also add a lot of small detail work around the sides, using a variety of techniques.

wire wrapping progress gem silica opal

The basic forms for the piece.

I started by creating the framework for the piece with thick, square wire. This form will allow me to build detail work and supporting structures of of it.

wire wrapping progress gem silica opal

A close up of the starting shapes.

Next week I will star building more of the shapes to hold the stone in place.

Artist- Sarah Orlik

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