Progress: Completed Larimar

completed progress larimar wire wrap

The completed Larimar pendant wrapped in silver wire.

This week I finished the larimar pendant project.

Last week, I had created the structural pieces that hold the stone in place. All that was left to do this week was to add the detailed elements that pull the piece together.

completed progress larimar wire wrap

A close up of the detail work on the pendant.

I used a mix of techniques to give the pendant more texture and variety.

One of my goals with this piece was to not obscure much of the stone. The wrap I created on this pendant is meant to show off the natural beauty and coloration of the Larimar.

completed progress larimar wire wrap

I try to keep things simple on the back side as well.

The wire on the back of the pendant is as minimal as I could manage. The wire is meant to support the stone, not to be too our or overbearing. This is a challenging line to walk with my art. I am also trying to find that balance between the beauty of the wire and the beauty of the stone.

Artist- Sarah Orlik

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