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“Sunset Under Pier” by Chad Hunter. Watercolor. First Place, 2016.


Article by: Fleur Williams, originally posted at Bizarre Bay It’s hard to visualize Capitola being more picturesque than it already it is…until it is seen through the creative eyes of an artist. The first weekend in November, Capitola’s environment becomes the inspiration for local and regional artists highly skilled in painting scenic natural beauty and […]

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PNW Beachcruiser, by David Tinsley.

Local Driftwood Artwork

Santa Cruz beaches have been awash with driftwood following recent storms and large swells. With all the wood that’s been drifting to shore, there have also been plenty of creations taking shape into one-of-a-kind pieces of art. These Santa Cruz locals take driftwood from the sand to the studio to transform them into sculptures, structures, […]

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Diver at the Water's Edge

California: At the Water’s Edge: Nature Photography by Jason Bradley

This fall, visitors are invited to browse stunning images featuring the life and landscapes of California’s unique coastal habitats. The The Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History is currently presenting California: At the Water’s Edge, an exhibit of work by nature, wildlife, and underwater photographer, Jason Bradley. The exhibit features 35 photographs Bradley took from above and […]

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Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History

Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History

In the late 1800’s, a local naturalist and lighthouse keeper named Laura Hecox started a collection of Indian artifacts, shells and specimens. She donated her collection to the City of Santa Cruz to establish its first public museum. In 1905, the museum opened in downtown Santa Cruz before being moved in 1954 to the East […]

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How To Relax

4 Tips: How to Relax and Improve Creativity

How to Relax and Improve Your Creativity We may be maestros in the studio, but when we encounter stressful days, sleepless nights, or sore backs – we’re at a loss. Being artistically productive is never as easy or enjoyable when we’re run down, but the solution, how to relax, is simple. Bringing a bit more […]

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Timerie Gordon - Featured Artist

Timerie Gordon: Ebb & Flow Featured Artist

There was a time when the San Lorenzo teemed with life. Travelers came to Santa Cruz from all around to vacation and fish along the river. This past June, Timerie Gordon and Charlie Prograce of Nielsen Studios Architecture and Design paid tribute to that chapter of Santa Cruz’s history by installing six fishing poles on […]

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