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Santa Cruz Speedboat

Memories of Summer in Santa Cruz

Postcards from Santa Cruz’s past. From the sounds of Seal Rock, to the speed of 630 horsepower racing from the Santa Cruz Pleasure Pier, Santa Cruz has always had great Augusts. These three cards capture tiny glimpses from summers long past, all the way back to 1906. Santa Cruz, Calif. Aug 17 6 – PM […]

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Perfectly Lovely Santa Cruz

Horses on the Beach in Santa Cruz

Beach cabanas, horses, carriages and the beach trolley rolling down the track at the boardwalk? The author of this postcard was right, it certainly is lovely here in Santa Cruz! Will try to stop over Monday night. Am having a fine time. Tis perfectly lovely here Dasy Oakland, Cal. JUN 78 -PM1911 Boulder Creek Cal. […]

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Santa Cruz Beach Postcard

Everything is as Usual in Santa Cruz

There is nothing quite as heartwarming as a letter written out of obligation. As these parents must have been very happy to learn, their son was doing just fine and that “Everything is as usual” in Santa Cruz. Maybe kids haven’t changed so much after all..? Watsonville Mar 21 330 PM 1942 Calif

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Redwood Grove

Redwood Grove – Fine Place Here

This Post Card was sent from the Big Trees Redwood Grove via Santa Cruz to Natick Massachusetts 110 years ago this month. SANTA CRUZ, CAL. APR 3 12:30 PM 1906 And it only took 4 days to arrive! NATICK APR 7 2-PM 19 06 MASS BRITTON & REY, LITHOGRAPHERS, SAN FRANCISCO 687. General Fremont, Wife […]

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