A Little Better, On Second Thought


jewlery ring hand-made wire wrapped

A custom ring that I just put the finishing touches on.

I thought that this piece was done a while ago. I was incorrect. I’ve written before about how rushing through a piece can lessen the structural integrity and design of the final result. What happened with this piece is similar and a little different. When I created this ring, I was hit with a wave of inspiration. I had been sitting with the stone for months. I made the ring in just two sittings. Although I’m still very happy with the final result of the design, it needed a few updates. The fit of the ring band was not ideal, and there was a few simple ways for me to secure the stone more strongly.

At the time when I made this ring, my head was in a very design oriented space. It was challenging for me at that time to conceptualize practical improvements to the piece. I was satisfied with the design, so I considered my job done. After some time passed, I was able to revisit this ring with a more critical eye, to make sure that the construction of the ring is strong enough to carry the design.

Artist- Sarah Orlik

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  1. Jon Rawls May 30, 2015 at 7:20 pm #

    Neat, I like that your creativity sort of.. ripened or percolated over time!

    Sometimes fresh eyes are exactly what we need.

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