Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium – 1948

This Post Card celebrating the opening of the the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium was sent from Santa Cruz to Worcester Massachusetts 68 years ago.
Ma Green was surprised to see the weather doing fine and the trees all in bud during November. Its fun to recognize these Santa Cruz weather oddities that we see regularly and yet still surprise us every time!

Also, take note of the cost of The Civic in the photo caption. A whole $300,000 to build that “magnificent structure”.

The Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium


NOV 16
4 00 PM

Santa Cruz's New Civic Auditorium in 1948

Santa Cruz’s New $300,000 Civic Auditorium is located one block from the business district. This magnificent structure makes possible the entertainment of large and small conventions and offers opportunity for the further development of the cultural life of the community.

just got your letter and I sure did send you two but I think I put auburn on the first one.
Will answer your letter and questions soon. Weather still fine and flowers all in bud again so guess the little wind storm did not do as much damage as I thought.
Write Soon,
Love Ma Green,
Remember this place?

Post Card
Miss Iren Norton
1A Brittan ct.

Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium

New Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz, Calif.-11

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