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Fluorite chunk with mother of pearl

Completed: Fluorite and Pearls

This is an earlier piece that I’ve made. I like the way I’ve combined the different stones. When I was making this piece, I could really envision how the mother of pearl would fit in the curve of the fluorite chunk. I remember it being really fun to bring that vision to life. I used copper […]

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wire wrapped pendant multi-stone

Completed: Down the Rabbit Hole

This week I want to share one of my favorite pieces I’ve made. I had a lot of fun combining different stones and beads to create this pendant. For this piece, I wrapped each stone separately. Then, I combined the individual wraps together one by one. Once all of the pieces were together, I added […]

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wire wrapped fossil mastodon

Complete: Mastodon Tooth

  This week’s pendant feature reflect more masculine energy than I usually incorporate into my pieces. This pendant features a fossilized mastodon tooth. It naturally takes on an intense black color. I paired it with the bright copper to attract more light towards the piece and make it more eye catching. I played with a […]

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Natural wire wrapped Labradorite

Completed: Labradorite Slab

This week I want to feature a pendant I made with a gorgeous slab of raw labradorite. The front side of this stone has been polished to have a smooth, uniform appearance but the back of the stone is raw, meaning that it is unpolished or treated. I prefer to work with stones that are […]

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wire wrapped crown

Progress Complete: Crown

This week I bring my crown project to a close. However, as french poet Paul Valery once said, “A poem is never finished, only abandoned.” I often feel that way about my wire art. I can always see more room for development, more ways to expand the design. As per usual, I have more inspiration […]

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wire wrapped crown progress

Progress: Crown Construction II

This week my crown became a crown! After weeks of visualization, picturing what the center piece would look like once it was attached to a band, I connected the largest element, the head band. I used thick pieces of wire to bind the center piece that I completed last week to the actual band of […]

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wire wrap fluorite local art santa cruz

Custom Creation: Fluorite Spear

This week I had the pleasure of working on a custom piece for a friend of mine, working with a fluorite spear. Its a special challenge to make a piece of jewelry based off of someone else’s vision. Most of the time, when I am creating I get to call all the shots and have full […]

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mineral patterns wire wrapped local art

Bringing Two Together

  Bringing multiple stones together in a way that is cohesive and not busy takes awareness and sensitivity. This is an earlier piece that I made. The wire work is very simple but the combination of stones makes the piece have more impact. The first stone that I started with was the cluster of smokey […]

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This piece has the detail work complete and is almost finished.

Close to Finished

  This piece is very close to being complete. For those of you that have been keeping up with my posts, you have seen the progression over the weeks as I add more layers of wire and stones. This week I added decorative detail work. My goals were to make the piece as sturdy as […]

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