Featured Artists: Serpent Sanctum

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Amrita  is the founder and president of Serpent Sanctum

Serpent Sanctum is facilitating empowerment, healing and the arts through sacred serpent wisdom.

Serpent Sanctum is a local group that not only shares their art through performance, but also offers workshops for women who want to explore the healing associated with serpent dance.

Amrita Devidasi, founder and president of Serpent Sanctum, writes on the group’s facebook page

“We are weaving together sacred serpent dance with belly dance, contact improv and temple dance to create a modern incarnation of an ancient art form. Using archetypal imagery, the dancers shimmy, sway, and strut with sacred sensuality; a visual reminder of the Serpent’s powerful symbolism of transformation, fertility, and healing.”

snakes, dance, women, medicine

The women of Serpent Sanctum performing at Lucidity Festival.

Serpent Sanctum recently performed at The Crepe place and can be spotted gracing local gatherings as well as festivals across the state. You can join in their weekly class for an opportunity to dance and mingle with some of these graceful snakes.

In addition to performances, Serpent Sanctum offers energy work, body work, and other spiritual ritual ceremonies.

For more information, view their website.

Serpent Sanctum at Alia Feminine Medicine Show

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  1. Frances Blasquez Perren May 21, 2019 at 1:03 pm #

    Shh, she attended the Beltane Lunar Ritual
    On May 18, 2019, in Bonny Doon.
    It was ecstatic. I would like to be kept apprised of future special ritual celebrations.
    Blessed be.

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