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pendant wire wrapped jewelry amethyst silver

On Finding the Perfect Moment

Timing is everything. I’ve found that this holds true for many aspects of life, especially for my art. I’ve learned time and time again that if I push myself to work on a project when I’m not feeling quite right, I might do more harm than good. Sometimes my head is not in the right […]

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pendant progress picture

A First Step

Sometimes I make pieces spontaneously. I pick up a stone from my workspace because it speaks to me, and before I know it, I’ve created a pendant. Other times, my creation process is much more deliberate and slow going. When I get a stone that feels special to me, I want to make sure I […]

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picture of wire wrapped pendant

Balance: Working with Multiple Stones

A definite milestone in developing my wire wrapping skill set was learning how to wrap with multiple stones. Most of the wire wrapped pieces that inspire me the most involve between four and six stones. Each of those stones has to be individually secured in its own setting- to make sure it’s attached to the wire. […]

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feather earrings

A Fine Feather: Earrings in Progress

Lately I’ve been noticing that feather accessories are everywhere! I see long feathers being worn as hair attachments and dangling from earrings. I love the added color and texture that feathers bring to jewelry, and they have the benefit of not contributing a whole lot of extra weight to a piece. Of course, I decided […]

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Australian Boulder Opal wrapped in copper wire

Wire Wrappers Delight: Boulder Opal

Most designers that I know have a favorite shape or color combination that they’re most excited to work with. In the world of gems and minerals, I’m drawn most to Opals. There’s a variety of Opals from all over the world. Some most notable are the Mexican Fire Opal and the Ethiopian Welo Opals. Opals […]

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