Shady in Santa Cruz

Someone was playing favorites when they sent this Santa Cruz postcard.

There are so many things going on in this postcard. From the Sombrero on the right, the wonky hand-painted and foggy horizon on the left and Goldilocks prancing in the surf while her jilted friends stand on the beach wondering why they even came on this trip.

Which is which? Remember Mary is tall, Nell is fat and I am just right size.

Rude Shady postcard from Santa Cruz

Greetings with a side of Guess Who from Santa Cruz.

Greetings from Santa Cruz, Cal.

B.M.C. – A.V.S.

August, 8, ’07

Dear Agnes, Won’t you come and take a swim with us? Mary and I had a fine plunge this morning. We are going to start home Tuesday. Wish all the B.M.C. girls could be here. I will write to you before many weeks.

San Francisco Amador County

San Francisco Amador Co

San Francisco
Aug 8
9 30 PM

Miss Agnes & Newman,
Amador Co.,

Bonus “Giant” Redwood

Giant Redwoods

Giant Redwoods – Bonus Throwback

New York, N.Y. For BCH
Aug 8
1 – PM

The “Giant.” One of California’s big redwood trees.

One of the numerous sights


Santa Cruz to Zurich

This postcard has three meter stamps, Santa Cruz and Zurich on the back, and New York N.Y. on the front.

Santa Cruz, Cal.
Aug 3
5 30 PM
16VIII03 – T

Miss Mary Trosi
Villa Obstgarten
Zurich …………… tenstrasse2

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