Progress: Rutilated Ammonite Construction II

wire wrap progress ammonite quartz

A simple border around the ammonite and rutilated quartz stones.

This week I continued my progress on an ammonite and rutilated quartz pendant.

As I said in my beginning post on this project last week, my goal for this piece is to create the illusion that the two stones are fused together.

I worked towards creating that by doing a very simple wrap on the ammonite piece

wire wrapped inspiration ammonite rutilated quartz

I will use minimal wrapping on the ammonite to make it look as if it is floating behind the quartz.

Once I had the ammonite wrapped, I created a simple wrap around the edges of the rutilated quartz piece. I am trying to keep all of the wrapping work simple to really emphasize the natural beauty in the combination of the stones.

I wrapped the ammonite to the boundary on the rutilated quartz from the back.

wire wrap progress ammonite quartz

A back shot show how the pieces are all attached.

As you can see in the top picture, I left two wires open at the top where I will create the bail, the place where the necklace will hang from.


Artist- Sarah Orlik

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