Maytal Gotesman – Featured Artist

Ambience - Maytal Gotesman

Ambience – Maytal Gotesman

A recent submission from Maytal, in her own words:
“I do not attempt to uncover a universal truth nor make a potent political statement. I create art because the act is an impulse; I let my raw feelings and emotions guide my work. That being said, I can ascribe my artistic method to the surrealist, pure psychic automatism. The theme is erotic, yet stylistically the artwork takes on an abstracted otherworldly quality. I am inspired by our primal, animalistic instincts and our reproductive system.”

The artist’s connection to Santa Cruz:
“As a Sunnyvale native, Santa Cruz was always my favorite place to go in order to escape the monotony of suburbia and techies. Eventually, I ended up studying at UCSC as an art major. I graduated in 2014 with honors, in painting. I also love how I’m free to express myself in Santa Cruz without feeling censored.”

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