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Richard Hartnell Contact juggling

Performer Spotlight: Richard Hartnell

Voracious autodidact Richard Hartnell once got kicked out of a community college in Bellingham, Washington for having too many credits. After half a decade spent traveling the US and Europe as a renowned circus artist, he was offered a scholarship to UC Santa Cruz where he is presently studying human biology and cognitive science.   […]

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Brynne Flidais

Brynne Flidais

Brynne Flidais is a local performer, artist, and movement educator. Brynne has been creating innovative dance happenings for stages, dance companies, festivals, flash mobs, major events, and streets throughout the U.S. since 2004. She studied movement science at the university level and earned a science degree in Kinesiology. She gives form to music and rhythm […]

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