Performer Spotlight: Richard Hartnell

Richard Hartnell Contact juggling

Richard holding contact juggling balls.

Voracious autodidact Richard Hartnell once got kicked out of a community college in Bellingham, Washington for having too many credits.

After half a decade spent traveling the US and Europe as a renowned circus artist, he was offered a scholarship to UC Santa Cruz where he is presently studying human biology and cognitive science.

Richard Hartnell Contact Juggling

Richard is pictured here balancing a ball on his head while he juggles.



Richard landed in Santa Cruz this year to dig into research and education at UCSC, and to makes waves in the local circus community.

Richard is an instructor at Aerial Arts Santa Cruz where he teaches the art of juggling and other flow arts.

He also will be performing at Burning Man this year with Nocturnal Sunshine.

He is best known for his highly technical and creative approach to the art of contact juggling.

Richard was a central organizer for UCSC’s Juggling Festival this year which was a huge success.

He is currently on a summer long juggling tour which will take him through Canada and Europe as well as other locations across the states.


Keep your eye out for this whirling ball of fire!

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