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Ian Harris

Comedian Ian Harris Puts Anti-Scientific Thinking on Blast in His New Show, ExtraOrdinary

Standup comic Ian Harris doesn’t have any particular agenda other than to make people laugh—it just so happens that the things he finds laugh-worthy are logical fallacies, unfounded beliefs and anti-scientific thinking. By default, his act is largely an exercise in myth-busting and sacred cow tipping. Also a mixed martial arts fighter, Ian takes a […]

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Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel: Featured Musician

If you’ve heard his solo guitar adaptations of songs by The Beatles and Mason Williams that have been making the rounds on social media lately, you’ve undoubtedly uttered an expletive or two in appreciation of Australian-born fingerstyle guitarist Tommy Emmanuel’s gusto and technical prowess. A one-man band of sorts, Tommy simultaneously plays melodies, bass lines, […]

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