Progress: Larimar Construction

Larimar wire wrapped pendant

The Larimar cabochon with the main wire components.

After sketching out the design for this Larimar pendant and choosing my materials last week, I started to wrap the larimar stone this week.

I started out using the thickest silver wire I have available to create a solid frame around the stone. This frame with be sturdy enough to hold the stone in place. It will also be the frame which I will use to attach the smaller wire components to.

Larimar wire wrapped pendant

The first pair of supporting wire components.

I am using a weave technique to support the top corners of the stone. The shape of the frame secures the stone towards the pointy end. These woven bits will stop the stone from falling out the top.

Larimar wire wrapped pendant

The woven pieces are attached loosely to the frame so I can adjust them before securing them in place.

I place the woven sections where I think I would like them to end up on the stone and make sure I like the way they lay on the stone. I will give myself the chance to adjust before securing the wire in place, in case the design does not look like I expected it to.

This pendant is coming together rather quickly. I expect to be able to complete the detail work next week.

Artist- Sarah Orlik

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