Performer Spotlight: Dyami Tivon Kaplan

Dyami Kaplan Fire performance

Dyami performs with his sun wheel at the Westside lighthouse.

Dyami Kaplan is local fire performer, teacher, student, and prop builder who is inspired by movement.

Dyami’s foundation in performance is based in movement and the understanding of mechanics. Dyami was guided towards movement study through inspiration from his teacher. He participated in the dance program at Cabrillo College where we worked with fellow circus performer, Sarah Jaylin Mays.

Dyami was also inspired to incorporate dance into his performance by his mom, Valli who is a belly dance and salsa performer. Dyami and Valli have performed together, fusing their backgrounds in dance and fire performance.


Dyami performing with his fire poi in downtown Santa Cruz.

Dyami worked with local performance troupe, Nocturnal Sunshine, for about 5 years. He says he began his involvement with Nocturnal Sunshine by acting as a safety person during their gigs. During his time with Nocturnal Sunshine, Dyami travelled all over California with the troupe to perform with the group, in addition to performing in Santa Cruz.

One of Dyami’s most memorable performances was with Nocturnal Sunshine during National Dance Week, performing in Santa Cruz. The music for their performance malfunctioned, and the rest of the performers motivated the crowd to create  beat by clapping their hands while Dyami free styled with his poi.

Most recently, you can spot Dyami at the weekly fire gathering which takes place at the West Side Lighthouse. Dyami described how the Lighthouse gathering played an important role in his development as a performer. He is regularly at the Lighthouse these days, encouraging new and experienced fire dancers to explore their passion for fire.

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  1. Cameron Logan July 29, 2016 at 10:44 am #

    I would like to hire Dyami Kaplan for a private party in mid-August but do not know how to contact him. Do you have a phone number?

  2. Randy August 25, 2016 at 3:23 pm #

    Need a fire dancer for Labor Day begonia float!

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