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Bridget Henry - Featured Artist

Bridget Henry: Ebb & Flow Featured Artist

Since at least as far back as the 15th century, people have been using the curious practice of dowsing in an attempt to find ground water, metals, ores and other materials. Dowsing involves the use of a forked rod or twig that supposedly twitches when pointed toward the substance or object that is being sought. […]

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Geoffrey Nelson - Featured Artist

Geoffrey Nelson: Ebb & Flow Featured Artist

In light of the Ebb & Flow River Arts Project’s mission to help reclaim the Santa Cruz RiverWalk as a safe and inviting destination spot, there’s a sad poetry to the fact that local photographer/sculptor Geoffrey Nelson’s contribution to that event was marred by the same unsavory element that has turned this beautiful public park […]

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Timerie Gordon - Featured Artist

Timerie Gordon: Ebb & Flow Featured Artist

There was a time when the San Lorenzo teemed with life. Travelers came to Santa Cruz from all around to vacation and fish along the river. This past June, Timerie Gordon and Charlie Prograce of Nielsen Studios Architecture and Design paid tribute to that chapter of Santa Cruz’s history by installing six fishing poles on […]

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Support Ebb & Flow

How To Support the Arts: Ebb & Flow

Did you enjoy last year’s Ebb & Flow? The 2015 Santa Cruz Gives Campaign has wrapped up, but you can still enjoy the Featured artist galleries from Ebb and Flow. And if you would still like to donate to help Ebb & Flow continue, you can do that here: ArtsCouncilSC.org/make-art-happen Are you excited for next […]

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Kirby Scudder Ebb And Flow Featured Artist

Kirby Scudder: Ebb & Flow Featured Artist

When local artist Kirby Scudder built a 23-foot salmon for the Ebb & Flow River Arts Project this past June, he decided to have a little fun before installing it. He and a few co-conspirators loaded the industrial-strength cardboard sculpture into an SUV and took it—as he puts it—“wherever I could find a place where […]

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Danielle Williamson Featured Artist

Danielle Williamson : Ebb & Flow Featured Artist

Out of the ten temporary art installations that appeared along the San Lorenzo River for the Ebb & Flow River Arts Project this past June, only one was not made specifically for that event. Ironically, that work—a video projection by local filmmaker/media artist Danielle Williamson—was arguably the one that most seemed custom-made for Ebb & […]

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Ann Altstatt

Ann Altstatt : Ebb & Flow Featured Artist

While walking along the San Lorenzo River levee earlier this year, Ann Altstatt received a spontaneous visit from her muse. “It was just one of those moments where things line up, and you get a flash of inspiration—sort of like a snapshot of an idea,” the local painter/printmaker/science illustrator recalls. Lorenzo River during the month […]

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