Scott Lindberg & Cristie Thomas: Featured Artists

:L:M:N:O: Arts - Leaves Screen, Casa Munras

Leaves Screen, Casa Munras

Together as :L:M:N:O: Arts, Scott Lindberg and Christie Thomas find inspiration in both their materials and their clients’ personalities:

“We design and build for both homeowners and landscape professionals using steel, stainless steel, wood, glass and other materials. We work almost exclusively by commission and work closely with our clients to design pieces to fit in with their personal design esthetic and surroundings. It’s always a fun process of discovery working together.”

“We moved away from ceramics and into metal in 1992, and have completed projects of all sorts in the last 25 years. View our online portfolio at and be sure to visit us during our 2017 Open Studios. We’ll have pieces sited on our gardens, samples and works in progress, and some interesting things for sale.”

“These photos are of a project for Oona Gabersek, ASLA for the Casa Munras Hotel and Spa renovation in 2007. We enjoyed taking in the visual aspects of the Monterey Peninsula, the historic design heritage of the area, and the particular needs of the client to build a series of related pieces. They can be seen in person by visiting their Estaban Restaurant.”

“Cristie was born in the now Branciforte Plaza and Scott came to Boulder Creek to make pottery in 1975. We lived in Boulder Creek for several years and have lived in Corralitos since 1988. The natural surrounding, the rural atmosphere, the proximity of the ocean, as well as the artistic community all add to our inspiration.”

:L:M:N:O: Arts - Fire Twigs

Fire Twigs

View more of Scott and Cristie’s work on their website and visit them on the Open Studios Tour, Artist #279.

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