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Santa Cruz Art of Guitar Exhibition and Festival

Santa Cruz is a place that inspires all forms of art, so it’s no surprise that some of the most high quality guitars being played by musicians around the world are produced by local luthiers. To celebrate this area’s influential guitar-building and music-making culture, musician Jayme Kelly Curtis introduced the first Santa Cruz Art of Guitar Exhibition and […]

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Judy Foreman's Memorial Retrospective - R. Blitzer Gallery.

Judy’s Cabinet of Dada Curiosities and More – R. Blitzer Gallery

In 1916, a group of pacifist and anti-hierarchical Europeans gathered in Zurich, and as a reaction to World War I, generated Dada – an artistic and literary movement that questioned society and challenged the concept of art. To celebrate the centennial of Dadaism, three local galleries have brought together whimsical works from a collection of modern […]

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The Santa Cruz Watercolor Society at the R. Blitzer Gallery.

Santa Cruz Watercolor Society at the R. Blitzer Gallery

For every form of art, there is a dedicated community of locals banding together to teach, share, and support it. The Santa Cruz Watercolor Society is one such group offering personal and professional opportunities in plein air watercolor and creative critique since the early 1960s. Watercolor paintings from the Society’s current collective of artists are […]

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R. Blitzer Gallery

R. Blitzer Gallery

Much like an immense piece of recycled art, the commercial warehouse that was once the Wrigley Gum factory on the West Side of Santa Cruz is being creatively renovated into something new, inspiring, and progressive. The looming building may appear to be serious and still on the outside. But step inside the 385,000-square-foot complex, and you’ll see this […]

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