Completed: Fluorite with Points

wire wrap pendant complete

This fluorite chunk is wrapped with amethyst and quartz.

This pendant features a fluorite stone paired with amethyst and quartz.

I love the combination of shapes and colors with this piece and waiting to wrap it for a while. My vision for this pendant is that it looks somewhat like a wing. I sometimes call it the fairy wing pendant.

The stones are wrapped together with solid silver wire for more durability.

wire wrap pendant complete

The detail work holds the smaller stones in place.

I used a lot of detail work around the smaller stones. This is with the intention to draw the eye to these stones and to solidly hold the stones in place.

I try to keep the back of my pendants as minimal as possible. The stone making contact with the skin rather than a bunch of wire builds a stronger connection with the pendant.

wire wrap pendant complete

The back of the pendant is a minimal as possible.

Artist- Sarah Orlik


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