Santa Cruz Artists

Santa Cruz Artists

Santa Cruz creates and attracts artists. We have a culture and community of thriving artists in every discipline, from fine art painters, sculptors and poets to thespians, blacksmiths and brewers. Santa Cruz artists cover every aspect of art.

Local Santa Cruz works to feature artists from all disciplines. If you would like to be featured on the local Local Santa Cruz site, or social media accounts, please fill out the form to submit your artwork, which you can find in our top menu on every page of this site.

More Artist Profiles

Check out an artists profile and explore our site. You can always find additional artists profiles to the side of the profile you are reading. Feel free to click through, adventure along with these Santa Cruz artists, and see what you discover.

Who is Your Favorite Artist?

Now that you have discovered some of Santa Cruz’s local talent, we want to hear who your favorite was! Did you leave a comment on your favorite artist profile? You are always welcome to comment here on Local Santa Cruz, or you can connect on any of our social media accounts.